Are Categories Real

September 26, 2008

Somewhere in our development, a sense of self, of me and mine, arises. Perhaps our curious attachment to this identity is simply a survival mechanism, helping us to separate from the world beyond our senses, enabling us to navigate effectively. Read the rest of this entry »

Connection and Connectivity

September 26, 2008

Email, text messages, skype, blackberries, Facebook, and MySpace. Never in the history of humankind have we had the level of technological connection that we experience today. Read the rest of this entry »

The Nature of Health and Healing

September 20, 2008

We live on many levels—the physical, emotional, chemical, and spiritual—each one vibrating at its own frequency, bodies of energetic resonance or dissonance. The source of these energies is the vast cosmic field through which we move, our bodies assimilating and then cycling back these universal forces, accepting and transmitting, smoothly and calmly, or resisting, blocking the inexorable flow that keeps us vital. Read the rest of this entry »